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This photocathode gun, which is part of the ERL injector, is where the electrons are created.

New York State awards Cornell $12 million for proposed ERL project and first important milestone achieved

On August 19, New York governor George Pataki came to Cornell with state funds of $12 million for the development of the Energy Recovery Linac or ERL, a new X-ray synchrotron light source 1000 times brighter than existing X-ray sources.

This new, state-of-the-art source was originally proposed by Maury Tigner, former director of LEPP and recently appointed as chair of the directorate of CLASSE, a new organizational structure for all accelerator based science at Cornell.

In addition to the $12 million of state funds, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Cornell $18 million and Cornell has contributed another $10 million for the development of a prototype accelerator. If a full-scale facility were to be realized, it would take about five years to build for a cost in the neighborhood of $400 million. An important first step was achieved toward this goal when, on September 7, the first beam from the prototype injector was produced which successfully went through the beam pipe and reached the beam dump.

For further details about the State award see the Cornell Chronicle article and the New York State press release.